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    My meet results


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    My meet results

    Post  Muscle_G on Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:52 am

    I competed in the APF Spring Break Powerlifting meet Saturday in Columbia, SC. Let me just start off with saying this is one of the best meets I have ever been too! Alot of big name lifters was there. I meet the strongest powerlifter on the planet Donnie Thompson and he is a very BIG man and a nice guy, Hannah "The Minx" Johnson was lifting there and she is very polite and a very strong woman , and there was also a professional strongman there competeing(can't remember his name).

    I placed 2nd in the 220's, had 4 people in my weight class
    Squats I went
    535 1st
    560 2nd, meet PR
    585 3rd, meet PR

    Bench didn't go so good for me
    320 1st
    345 2nd
    370 missed at lockout

    450 1st
    475 2nd a PR at 220 bodyweight
    500 missed just above the knee's, I couldn't shoot my hips through for some reason

    1405 total, a PR total
    made 7 out of 9 lifts

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